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"I truly enjoyed the atmosphere of Murray & Associates. It was amazing to see so many people from different walks of life working towards achieving the same goal, which was to become informed and not make the same mistakes again! Most importantly this was a judgement free zone without a doubt. Thank you kindly for everything!"

Anonymous - 02/18/19

"All the counselors made each student feel welcomed and part of the group from day one. There was no judgments and the topics were meaningful and informative. Thanks for the experience!!!"

Hector - 02/18/19

"Very relatable groups."

Autumn - 02/11/19

"Murray and Associates provides a very applicable educating awareness on an assortment of topics which help individuals understand how and why we make choices/decisions that negatively impact their lives. They also provided insight, tools and guidance to allow one to correct the poor choices/behaviors moving forward."

Anonymous - 02/07/19

"Fantastic atmosphere. Professional support and counseling. Very informative. I highly recommend."

Alex - 01/30/19

"This is a great program that discusses overall factors of life. There are so many other things that can go into alcohol abuse that you don't think of, and this program allows you to open your viewpoints to them."

Anonymous - 1/24/19

"I found the program at Murray & Associates to be a phenomenal, non-judgmental, and helpful program. Great educational tools, and the staff is phenomenal. I recommend this agency for anyone looking to cope with addiction or attaining self-actualization."

Hunter - 1/23/19

'If you are going through anything you think getting help would help, Murray & Associates is one of the best non-judgmental treatment facilities I've been to. And the staff is wonderful."

Anonymous - 1/16/19

"Great talks about life challenges and the staff is helpful along with understanding."

Anonymous - 1/9/19

"I really enjoyed the classes. They were engaging and they discussed some very difficult topics but made them accessible and easy to understand. I highly recommend this facility."

Anonymous - 12/27/18

"Great people, great environment!"

Anonymous - 12/11/18

"It was an enlightening experience that offers a safe outlet to talk through a very difficult time & difficult situation. I enjoyed a variety of group moderators and learned a lot from their different styles and knowledge."

Anonymous - 11/26/18

"The counselors at Murray & Associates are absolutely fantastic. The welcoming environment, accompanied with their incredibly qualified background provide their patients not only with the best possible treatment, but also with an environment that makes you feel like you matter. I cannot say enough great things about Rachel, James, and Jennifer!"

Anonymous - 11/24/18

"I'm really glad that a friend recommended Murray & Associates to me. This situation can feel daunting but the counselors make you feel welcome and comfortable. I will miss the group discussions."

Anonymous - 10/24/18

"On top of everything that comes with DWI charge, knowing that its not the end of the world and that life keeps going is what I've taken from the meetings. Also that the best of this is to learn from it. Thank you guys."

Juan - 10/18/18

"Group session really helped give a different perspective on life."

Anonymous - 10/13/18

"Really enjoyed the open group talk and specifically about current events."

Cole - 09/19/18

"Thoroughly enjoyed everything :)"

Anonymous - 09/11/18

"I came in unsure of what this program was going to offer, but it exceeded my expectations and every class brought me some positive insight I could implement into my daily life. Whether it was setting long and short term goals or working on creating positive interactions with the people I encounter."

Anonymous - 09/11/18

"Murray and Associates was a great experience. Everything that I learned here will help me in making better future decisions and learn to cope better."

Anonymous - 09/10/18

"I appreciated the professionalism and openness of the classes and counselors. The environment was always welcoming as well as judgment free. The process can seem daunting but I always felt at ease when attending." 

Anonymous - 09/05/18

"Coming to Murray & Associates helped me to realize that I had to make better life choices. I have applied a lot of what I learned in these sessions to my every day life and have seen improvement within myself. I truly appreciate everything I have learned."

Bryon - 08/23/18

"Each counselor is very knowledgeable, even though they each have their own style of teaching. Everyone is very attentive and will never judge anyone's opinions. If ever someone is scared about joining a group, I'd definitely refer them here."


"I had a great experience at Murray & Associates. Every class was interesting and I learned a lot, not only about substance abuse but how to responsibly cope and handle tough situations. The class structure itself consisted of a welcoming learning environment where I felt comfortable to share and learn."


"The classes were very educational. It was a lot of feedback and good group talks. There also were good videos to go with topics we talk about daily."


"The most productive, positive, and self-improving consequence that I have ever receiving from drinking too much and making a bad decision. I have learned skills to increase my self-awareness and continue to do so, so as to avoid making bad decisions in the future."


"Murray & Associates is a down-to-earth, caring, and relaxed facility that wants to help you get better in a way that doesn't make you feel useless or broken. Every day spent here was not only informative, but surprisingly fun."


"I found the staff to be very educated on the topics that were discussed. Each member of the staff is increasingly courteous and the discussions are carried out effectively. I left the meetings with valuable information each time."


"Murray and Associates very much allowed me to believe in myself by acknowledging life, and making positive decisions that I will continuously utilize in my everyday quest to becoming a more responsible and healthier being! Thank you!"


"The time I spent with Murray & Associates was a great looking experience, guided by counselors who truly care. If you're looking to make a lifestyle change for the better, this is the place to go."


"It was not only about substance abuse, but you really learn about yourself and different ways of life."


"The classes are informative and not boring as one would expect. It's a fairly laid back place."


"Murray & Associates is the best place for alcohol and drug rehab. They give great education and knowledge about drugs and alcohol. The group sessions are in very comfortable settings."


"I enjoyed the classes more than I thought. The topics were broad and relevant. The instructors were very open and refreshing."


"I value the intimacy and comfort level provided at M&A. I felt comfortable being myself, which led to self-evaluation."


"My experience at the facility was very informative and it helped me to see how to manage stress."


"They have a great way of providing their counseling. It's more like a discussion group; taught me a lot."


"Love how the handouts explain what was discussed in class. Recommendation of several books, that I felt was helpful on certain topics which I actually bought and started reading."


"I really appreciated the time I spent in these classes. I didn't feel like I was being judged or criticized for my mistakes. I also learned a lot of valuable information about physical and mental well-being that will positively impact my quality of life."


"The entire group at Murray & Associates was welcoming, friendly, accommodating, and very helpful. I had a great experience, and thoroughly enjoyed each of the group sessions I attended. The sessions helped in coping with my current legal situation as well."


"Very helpful. It has opened my eyes and mind about how I see things now. It has given me courage to make changes I thought I couldn't make. Makes me feel much better about myself and others."


"Great place to learn about the consequences of drugs and how to overcome it."


"This group is very welcoming. It is small enough that the sessions are very intimate but with enough people so that interesting insight is offered by differing opinions .The facilitators are very professional and encouraging.


"The staff and counselors are very friendly and easy to talk to. No one probably wants to be in a class because they "messed up" somewhere down the line, but the experience was positive and I learned a few things along the way."


"The counselors are truly kind people who care about educating the clients in decision-making, substance abuse, and self-awareness. The classes are informative and always interesting. They never feel like a lecture, but always a discussion."


"Murray & Associates helped me find out who I am as a person and showed me how to deal with the basic necessities of life. Counselors are very compassionate and understanding with my feelings and opinions. Recommend to anyone."


"The team at Murray & Associates create a fun and welcoming environment while addressing the serious issues at stake in dealing with substance abuse. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to turn a negative into a positive experience which promotes personal growth."


"Murray & Associates actually care and give useful help for addiction. I would highly recommend them to anyone you know."


"I didn't know what to expect and wasn't thrilled about speaking to strangers about personal things, but quickly found group to be interesting, informative, and a camaraderie between a room of people dealing with like circumstances. I learned a lot and Jennifer and Rachel and all the staff are some of the kindest people I've met."


"Great experience at Murray & Associates. Staff/instructors are super nice and knowledgeable, lessons are informative and fun, the schedule is flexible, and they'll go out of the way to work with you and help you succeed. Also, free pretzels."


"I not only learned about damaging effects of drugs and alcohol but I learned so much about myself and why I used. I can now continue to move forward to being alcohol free."


"The team at Murray & Associates are the most professional and accommodating group that I've had the pleasure of interacting with. They ease their clients through a difficult time with the utmost civility and care. I recommend them wholeheartedly."


"This class is by far the best class in Raleigh. I would highly recommend this fine staff to anybody."


"From the first day I felt welcome and felt important to them. I am so thankful to everyone there."


"I've been to another class and it was like night with no light. Murray & Associates is like a light at the end of the tunnel, it gets brighter and brighter with information and knowledge. Thank you, the staff of Murray & Associates, for all your support and strength. May God be with you all."


"Easy to work with and very friendly and accommodating staff. Great subject matter covered in classes."


"I'd like to thank Jennifer and Rachel for helping me find guidance in my stressful life! Despite my situation they never once made me feel like I was a bad person which is very important during a recovery process. I am forever grateful."



"Having had sessions with Rachel, Jennifer, Sharon and a very rewarding last class sendoff led by the founder Dr. Murray, I can honestly say this is more than just 'a place to get your classes done'. Each session I either learned something about how mind altering substances (not just alcohol) affect the body, or learned something introspective and profound about myself. You are treated like a human being at Murray, not just another number. I have no critiques on how to make the experience better- it was top notch. If you're looking for a place to get your DMV mandated classes completed and learn something about how to better yourself as a person, consider no other place than Murray & Associates."


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